Our Mission

Cholesterol has been demonised by the popular press and many healthcare practitioners, but very few will tell you that it is critical to life.

Without cholesterol you would not be here.

This report pulls together the truth about cholesterol in the body and also what influences the levels present in the blood stream.

Knowing how you can influence these is key to maintaining a healthy body and mind, and undertaking small changes in diet and exercise will mean that you don’t need to take medications for the rest of your life.

Working with your body by understanding its needs underpins the information this report provides.

Also having the confidence to decide what to say to your GP, what advice to seek and where to get help is fundamental – by knowing that at different stages of life your body requires more or less cholesterol to be present will help you in this communication.

If you begin to look for help in understanding these issues invariably you will discover a mountain of confusing, contradictory and largely unintelligible scientific research which won’t help your develop the understanding you need.

Our aim to bring the best information about vitamins to as wide an audience as possible. While delivering this information in as easy to use English as possible.

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We hope you find the information in the Cholesterol Report of use to you, and more importantly that it will help you build a simple and logical framework to improve your use of food and supplements to stay in the very best of health.

That is key to our aims.