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Many of us choose not to think about what happens to our food after we eat it, but if you want to achieve the best of health you really should know a whole lot more about your inner workings.

The entire gut system is so much more than just a garbage disposal process, and it is not just about getting the nutrients we need either - the simple fact is that your digestive tract is critical to keeping you alive and well in more than thirty different ways.

For instance:

  • Bacteria in your gut produce some of the most important vitamins that your body needs - and it can only get them because of these tiny creatures.
  • Your immune system uses the gut to 'train' new protective cells and massively improve your health as a result
  • Two major nerve networks line the gut walls and these are directly linked to your emotions and your decision making - gut feel is really important
  • Complex interactions between salt and water are fundamental to maintaining your hydration levels and directly affect other systems such as blood pressure
  • The fluid present in the gut and in the whole abdomen area is constantly under pressure and this helps support your lower back - this is the real core stability that every yoga teacher tells you to achieve
  • The muscular walls of the digestive tract are constantly pulsating, generating heat and helping maintain your body temperature

There are some pretty amazing facts about your gut that you simply just have to know, and we have produced a comprehensive yet easy to read guide that will open your eyes to what the digestive tract actually does.

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In this report you will discover not only what the gut does but also how you can prevent it from failing and protect it from harm.

Once you know how important this system is to your overall health you will be amazed at how easily it can be upset, and why it is important to balance your diet, maintain your hydration levels and exercise the muscles around it.


  • The foods that turbo-charge your gut function, and those you have to avoid
  • How doing just one thing every day will make a major change in your health
  • When bad breath can signify a major health crisis
  • Why commonly taken medications can spell real danger for your gut health... including some that you can buy from your local petrol station
  • The facts about major gut problems such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel Disease
  • The early warning signs that you may have bowel cancer or other serious conditions

Over many years of painstaking research these facts, and many more, have been drawn together in this simple to read report that allows you to start making clear and positive choices about your health, rather than be carried along with everyone else.

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I hope that you will understand why I consider this topic so important to health, and why I think everyone should know the facts that will allow them to make the right decisions for their own wellbeing.

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