Essential for anyone who’s bloated and tired

  • Skin problems? Anxiety? Sore joints? Why it’s vital to balance the bacteria in your gut 
  • Essential for IBS suffers and anyone who regularly feels bloated and tired 

I know I tell you about a LOT of natural health problems.

But the one I want to help with today could be at the root of so many issues…

Without people even realising it!

For many months now I’ve been banging the drum on the issue of health gut bacteria.

In my opinion, sorting out the balance of the microbial life inside your body is one of the most crucial steps you can take towards better health.

There is evidence that links gut bacteria to a wide array of common ailments like skin conditions, IBS and fatigue, as well as psychological conditions and pain problems.

Not only that, but there are just so many serious issues linked to it, that you cannot simply ignore it.

  • Obesity– According to Tim Spector from King’s College London, “Variations in the gut microbiome explain why our kids are getting fatter and why some individuals gain more weight.”
  • Joint pain– Many scientists increasingly believe that chronic joint pain and immune-system diseases are linked to your microbiome. An international group of scientists is currently working on ways to use gut protective gut microbes to tackle rheumatoid arthritis. Professor Michael Dustin of the University of Oxford says: “It’s much easier to modify your microbiota than change your genes.”
  • Brain health – Professor John Cryan of University College Cork says: “We now know that good brain health depends on good gut health. The gut microbiome affects every aspect of brain functioning and human behaviour.” Meanwhile, a few years ago, research was published in the journal Cell linking Parkinson’s disease to bacteria in the gut. The new theory being that it might start in the gut and travels up to the brain.
  • Mental health– Scientists have shown plenty of evidence linking anxiety and depression to the presence of certain kinds of unhealthy bacteria in the intestines.

So whether you’re tired and don’t know why…

You feel bloated after eating…

You have issues with anxiety and low mood that you cannot work out…

Or you have blotchy, irritated skin…

Then perhaps you could do with more good bacteria in your gut.

This is why I’m delighted to have the chance to remind you about something brand new for you to try. The last time I mentioned this product in the newsletter we sold out our entire stock in less than 24 hours!

And why wouldn’t you be interested?

It’s a simple way to improve the health of your gut by adding a supplement to your diet.

Take a look at this: Multibiotic top-up.

All the benefit of real fermented food

The company behind this formula is Together Health, who are – to my mind – one of the best companies out there when it comes to supplements.

They’re dedicated to using organic, vegan, whole food sources for their vitamins, which helps them become more quickly absorbed by your body.

For this Multibiotic Microbiome Support formula, they take 45 farm-grown fruits and vegetables, then use the traditional Kombucha method to ferment them in a symbiotic co-culture of 11 strains of live bacteria, yeasts, and acetic acid bacteria.

During the process, sugars and starches transform into friendly bacteria that are good for the human gut.

When this multibiotic enters your digestive system, it encourages the rapid growth of hundreds of substrains of friendly bacteria.

And because Together use ‘living foods’ to transport the bacteria, they work in synergy with the other friendly bacteria in your body.

They have also included five carefully selected, live bacterial strains.

So this multibiotic formula gives you all the health benefits of fermented food in a handy supplement that you can take once a day.

Today you can order some for a 30-day trial, to see how good you feel after taking it for a month.

I think you’ll like it, as this has been getting some wonderful feedback:

  • “I have noticed less bloating and unpleasant side effects during digestion which is a very good indication they are starting to do what they are supposed to!” – Hazel Bowen
  • “Have seen a great improvement in my skin so far and it’s been less than a month. I will definitely be re-ordering.” – D Rodgers
  • “My whole family now take this and it’s proving invaluable to all ages. Really helps keep the gut healthy.” – Sheena
  • “I suffer from IBS and have done for years. Started taking the Together Health Multibiotic and 3 months on I have noticed a real positive difference and won’t miss a day now. Highly recommended.” – Sarah Walton

You can read more of these on the webpage here: Healthier gut bacteria for a healthier you!

How you might feel within a few weeks

Obviously, it’s important to make sure you get more fermented foods into your diet. But these aren’t very common in Britain.

So this is a way you can get the benefits on a daily basis.

It takes time for adjustments to happen in your gut, but by the end of your trial you should notice the following benefits:

  • Feeling more full after and between meals, helping with weight loss
  • Clearer, healthier skin
  • Fewer stomach aches, less bloating and a reduction in the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Fewer infections and minor illnesses, thanks to a strengthened immune system
  • More calcium and magnesium absorption for better body temperature regulation (for instance if you’re going through the menopause) as well as increased energy and healthier bones and teeth
  • Better mood and sense of well-being

But try it and see how you feel – there’s a 30-day trial so you can test it out without risking your money.

For more details, here’s the order page.